Businesses have demanding technology needs that can be hard to manage and require timely, expert service from reliable professionals. Carceron‘s award-winning team acts as your Virtual CIO, IT Department, and Strategic Consultants increasing productivity, reducing expenses, and helping maintain regulatory compliance.

Carceron separates itself from the pack with its Stronghold IT Threat Defense suite of services, making nearly impossible for your business to be hacked or get infected as well as protecting your employees from social engineering hacks.

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Red Phone Booth is the sequel lounge to Speakeasy’s birthplace, Prohibition, formerly located in Buckhead. It is the most luxurious cigar lounge in Atlanta and host to most of our events. You’ll need a secret phone number to open the secret door that gets you into the club, unless you’re an Aficionado or Corporate Speakeasy member which includes a complimentary associate membership to Red Phone Booth (allowing you a way to bypass the secret door and the line to get in altogether).