I am very excited to announce some very cool new member benefits for Speakeasy members effective immediately.
Speakeasy Digital Corporate Membership Card

  • Membership Perks to Be Granted as of Thursday, Nov 30th as Follows:
    • Membership Integration Between Speakeasy and Red Phone Booth
      • Aficionado and Corporate Members will be given complimentary Associate level memberships, valued at $180, which allows them fingerprint access to all Red Phone Booth locations as well as the right to reserve tables before 9pm as any other member by emailing members@redphonebooth.com. Just show the management your digital membership card like the one above.
        • Gallivanter members will be able to purchase the same associate level membership from Red Phone Booth at the original price of when the doors of RPB were open to the public: $120. A savings of the $60 on the now current $180 membership fee.
      • Starting in January, we will start offering members extremely aggressive deals on boxes of cigars, compliments of Red Phone Booth.
    • Membership Integration Between Speakeasy and Three Sheets
      • Aficionado and Corporate Members can flash their digital membership card like the one above and  will be given priority access and seating to all events as well as be given priority (front of the line) seating on general admission nights (including weekends).
  • New Event Structure Going Forward:
    • 4pm: Traditional Business Networking Event
    • 5pm: Tasting Session with a liquor rep or other qualified entity
    • 6pm: Traditional Speakeasy event start

Gallivanter Members may upgrade to Aficionado or Corporate level membership by January 15th by just paying the difference in cost (so $455 for Aficionado and $1400 for Corporate).

Prices for all memberships will increase on January 15th.