Mark Thrapp

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Atlanta, GA


Claddagh Resources


SVP, Executive Search

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Human Resources

Other Information About Me

‘Almost’ an Atlanta native, born in Cheyenne, WY, move to Atlanta when I was 5, so spent my youth in the suburbs.  Spent a year in Chicago and another in Boston for Marriott as a Personnel Director in the 70’s, moved to NYC in ’78 and stayed 22 years, the majority of which I was VP of Executive Recruiting for corporate Macy’s.  Had my own search firm in the Empire State building for 8 years, then moved to Philly to head recruiting for The Hay Group, a major international HR consulting firm (recently purchased by Korn Ferry).  In my ‘spare time’ during those years, was a frequenter of Studio 54, restored two 6000 sq ft Victorian houses, flipped another, owned two antique stores and a 9 bedroom, 9 fireplace B&B.  Saw Jimi Hendrix at the Atlanta Pop Festival in ’70, met Truman Capote, Liza Minelli, Andy Warhol, etc, in the younger days.  I’ve done executive recruiting in almost every industry, placing executives up to 7 figures in finance, operations, marketing, R&D, supply chain, etc.  Also handle executive coaching and career counseling in addition to executive search.


Strength of Cigar Preferred?


Top 3 Favorite Cigars?

Macanudo Cafe

Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut

Ashton Classic


Which Beverages Do You Enjoy Most?

Brandy / Cognac, Tequila, Other (Liqueurs, etc.)

Top Three Beer / Wine / Spirits Brands?

Bullet Rye

Alquimia Anejo Tequila

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