Wine Candles + Raffle Tickets Benefitting Tap Out Human Trafficking


These candles are all made from wines that Chad has personally consumed. Over 100 bottles have been recycled by 14-year-old Becca Pierce who has spent her summer making these wine bottles into candles from scratch –  which was a labor-intensive process. For each bottle, she had to:

  1. 1. Cut with a wet saw (which was done in a very hot garage)
  2. 2. The edges must be ground down for each bottle
  3. 3. The edges must be sanded with different grits of sandpaper
  4. 4. The edges must be polished with 5 different grits of sandpaper
  5. 5. Wicks have to be inserted
  6. 6. Wax is poured and set more than once to ensure a full and even candle.

100% of the proceeds from these candles will go to Tap Out Human Trafficking. Each candle also comes with 1 complimentary raffle tickets for the event.

Pre-order these candles now at a discounted rate and pick them up at the Bourbon Lamb & Stogies Fundraiser on Oct 25th. We have offered some bulk discounts too. Wine candles make great gifts for the holidays, so stock up while you can! 

See Becca in action with the wet saw below. She had never used one prior to this project. Now, she’s a pro!


NOTE: As Chad has a very diverse wine pallet, we have very few of the same label available. If you have a specific label in mind, we recommend you arrive to the event early to pick you candle(s) out first. Pre-orders will have first dibs fro 6pm-6:45pm

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